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The theme of environmental sustainability has been used improperly for years and I noticed that there are many people who speculate on issues of reuse and recycling, offering products that fall outside these ideologies and that ultimately cost or pollute much more than a normal product.
Sensitive to these issues and aware of how much deception hovers in the design world, I decided to direct my efforts towards a more concrete commitment.
Since 2004 I collaborated with the Mauro Saviola Group, leader in research and production of LEB low emission particleboard, as a chief designer of Composad, group company that produces RTA furniture and leading provider of global realities and universally known as IKEA.
Over the years, the valuable work of our Research and Development Committee, where I poured out not only all my creative skills, but also the experience of teaching in Design and Management at the ISIA of Florence, has brought remarkable results.
Composad, with sales of over one hundred million euros, is now the largest producer of RTA furniture in Italy and is internationally recognized as one of the most important companies in the sector.
Our products, for which no tree is never cut down, regularly presented at the IMM fair in Cologne, are never banal furniture, but the successful match of high quality construction combined with a refined and typically Italian high level research of design.
Innovative products like the walk in cabin Lift, selected for the Green Dot Awards in Los Angeles, or the Moneta desks, sold nearly a million copies in one year, are just a few demonstrations of how the market is recognizing our commitment towards an environmentally friendly and really well made product.