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BIO | Trenti Docet

LIFT | 2010 | Composad MOSAICO & FIFTY FIFTY  | 2010 | Cattelan Italia BUGATTI TYPE A  | 2006 | Bugatti POKER  | 2002-'05 | Cisal Rubinetterie
JOLLY | 2003 | Pineider EGOSPHERE | 2000-'03 | Pineider LESENA | 1994-'98 | Martini Illuminazione
Sometimes it happens to design something but then you discover that others have followed your choices.
It could be a rewarding fact, especially if your imprimatur is properly recognized.
Unfortunately, since there is not a «register» of the products, the date of conception can be skillfully manipulated.
In this sense, participation at fairs, publications or awards, offer a fairly accurate chronology of events.
I always thought that designing a new product was an important opportunity to innovate, to work with originality questioning certainties and beliefs, in order, however, to make something commercially attractive.
In some cases documented here I can proudly say that I hit the target and even I have made trends on the market.
In the world of writing instruments my contribution is increasingly recognizable in various productions of brands even more prestigious than those for whom I worked.
On the contrary I lost count of how many products have been inspired by the design of the lamp Lesena: in order to expose the best ones we could organize a major exhibition titled «The Lesena Style».
While at the last Cersaie I realized that even the sinks tap Poker is creating his typological strand, and Lift, the revolutionary walk-in closet designed for Composad already has several imitations.